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Birth story

Dignified, unobtrusive documentary style images of one of the most special days of your life.

Although this isn't for everyone, I've lost count of the times people have told me their birth was a blur and the amount of times dads say they feel like they were under pressure to take pictures on their phones instead of get involved in the experience. 

This way your birth will be documented for you in a dignified beautiful way with documentary style photography and be left with images (Which you may or may not want to share with anybody else) that you can keep forever of your baby entering the world and the short time after getting to know each other as a family.

The idea is that you wont even know i'm there, i am present but from the sidelines. With a medical background and lots of birth experience, i am familiar with all the goings on around labour and delivery and handle myself in a completely unobtrusive way to capture these breathtaking memories.

Please contact me through the 'Lets talk' page to discuss. For a limited time only, birth coverage is £200. 
This is due to rise Jan 2019 when i have photographed 10 births. 

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