Covid - 19 information and updates

* UPDATE 22ND FEB 2021 * 

Following the most recent government announcement, non essential businesses are predicted to be opening 12th April. Thankfully some light at the end of the tunnel! 
This is currently only a guideline subject to numbers, so fingers crossed everything stays as it should. 

I will be emailing everybody with babies born between Jan and now over the next week, and will provisionally book slots for these sessions in order of arrivals. Please keep all messages to email rather than Facebook inbox as I can answer these much more efficiently. 

If your baby has arrived since the start of this current lockdown and you are waiting for your session to be booked in when the studio reopens, please email me on with your babies DOB and name. Hopefully we can get some beautiful shots of your littles very very soon. 

Im so excited we finally have something to work toward, I look forward to welcoming you all into the studio safely soon! 

How is covid affecting the studio?

At the moment, following government guidelines, legally our lovely studio has to close. Unfortunately this means any babies that arrive in the meantime will have their sessions delayed. Please don't worry, you have options which I will list below!
In terms of updates, I am following the exact same announcements as you are. I'm eagerly awaiting the announcement saying that non essential businesses can open and then I will be promptly reopening my doors. However, this will be done in a totally safe way of course, I will be taking on 1 baby per day where possible but a maximum of two sessions per day where necessary. I will use totally different fabrics and props for each baby and completely disinfect and UV clean my studio in between each session so things are the safest possible for you and your new baby! I am a registered nurse so totally up to date with safe practise and how to keep my space as clean as possible for you. 

My baby will likely arrive during the lockdown / has arrived during the lockdown, what will happen with my booking? 

The plan moving forward is the same as the first lockdown. If you have secured a space for your baby and they arrive whilst we are closed, you have a few options.

1) Keep your booking, and have your baby booked in for their session as soon as the studio reopens and have them captured whilst they are still small

2) Transfer your deposit to a milestone session (Sitter or first birthday)

3) Refund of deposit if you do not want to capture your little one

In the last lockdown, thankfully all mummies and daddies opted to keep their bookings and have baby photographed the soonest instance and all babies were booked in as soon as the studio reopened meaning we got images at the youngest stage possible. This meant the babies ranged from 4 weeks to a whopping 16 weeks! The images, regardless of babies being a little older and a lot more awake were absolutely stunning. I loved capturing every single session. the interaction and expression of their little personalities was just so beautiful to capture. The setups were the same as with the teeny babies!
I have been adding images of said sessions of older babies to my social media, some on my Facebook page but mostly on my instagram page - @jadedaviesnewborn. Be sure to take a look!

It has been such a difficult time for us all, thank you so much for your wonderful support. I can't wait to be capturing your babies again and creating them timeless memories. If this pandemic has taught us anything at all... Its to slow down and appreciate the small things. Capturing memories is more important than ever before!